Content marketing

Every word counts.

Your customers, your employees, and your shareholders – they’re busy people. Every word you put in front of them counts.


Your newsletter is a powerful PR tool; it has to be effective and succinct. It also has to look great. It has to link back to a classy item on your high-quality website, underpinning the gravitas in what you do with quality content and visuals.


Your blogs need to boost you up to the top of the SEO charts, backed by the clever little tips and tricks that can magically get you there.


Your case studies need to tell a powerful story, and quickly. Conveying why what you do really matters. Your annual report needs to bring your organisation’s aims and successes to life. 

Developing quality content, and getting this right requires a strong creative and editorial mindset, a variety of sector and project experience, and a deep understanding of how to best explain the benefits and impact of what you do. 

I will listen, and understand what you do. I might ask a lot of questions. But it’s all about getting across the key benefits of what you do, and why.

Demystifying complexity and appealing to your reader, prompting the call to action.  

Using a good writer means that I can tell your story in different formats, and through different channels, in long or shorter form. And, my experience in video scripting, social media management, and SEO also come in pretty handy.  

In addition, I provide direct digital editing services for many clients, using a suite of content management and editing applications, including WordPress, SharePoint, SiteCore, Adobe AEM and CQ5, Wix, DotDigital, MailChimp, MS Dynamics, and the Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign suites.