Do you need to make better connections with your audience, through better writing? Do you need to make your corporate story sing? Or implement a shift in tone and style that truly hits the spot? 

I can help you connect more closely with your customers, stakeholders and employees, through carefully crafted and appealing copy and marketing communications. 

Let’s tell them what you do, and why, in a way that matters. That is clear. And that has punch. 

Could your marketing communications, such as your newsletters, blogs, website, social media channels, case studies, guides or video scripts benefit from a fresh approach? A fresh, conversational style that talks more directly to your audience? It’s so important that it does that for you – and that’s where I can help out.

There’s a lot of different kinds of writing that I can help you with. I produce longer articles, and shorter, snappy copy – and usually both. I am used to tackling complex themes and turning your thoughts into engaging, clear, and non-stuffy content – such as spinning a 5,000-word white paper that I’ve authored into snappy LinkedIn posts, as appropriate to the channel and your audience. 

I write interesting longer-form thought leadership articles too, based on research and insights, and snip them up into digestible nuggets or as shorter case studies.

Good editing and good writing really do go hand in hand.

Why do I need a good writer?

Good writing can make your brand and tone of voice sing; and really help to tell the world all that you’re about in a way people can connect with.

I can look at what you do objectively, bring a fresh perspective, and promote the value of your activity through well-chosen words.

Your senior leadership team are experts, but most need a helping hand when it comes to producing that polished, final article that’s ready for publication on your website, at that exhibition, or for that major award entry.

To give your senior team the edge in their corporate speeches, publications, and presentations.

To ask the right questions – not just what, but so what? And get that project completed. Yes, that one that’s been on your mind for ages.  

To explore the who, why, what, when, where, and how? To ensure that all bases are covered, and that nothing gets missed out.  

To bring a fresh approach, clarity, and creativity to your latest project, service, product or idea; to push concepts and get to the heart of why it’s brilliant.  

To keep your marketing communications fresh and consistent, and inject some creativity and new ideas to the way your messages are retold.  

To provide advice and guidance to your employees by hosting an interactive and inspirational copywriting workshop for them, in groups of 12 or fewer. 

Because you’re too busy running the busy marketing and communications department! And you need someone you’re able to trust.  


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